Background Checks

In 2020, the NBCT Board of Directors voted to conduct background checks and provide child safety policy agreements for our adults since there are young teens and children involved in our theater.  NBCT is committed to providing a safe and appropriate environment for participants of all ages and these new policies will ensure we maintain that standard.


The background checks are conducted through a secure third party and are mandatory for all volunteers and staff members. 

The process takes about 5 minutes and there is a $10 processing fee.

Please click the link below to complete a background check.


NBCT Adult/Youth Engagement Policy

Click here to download a PDF copy of this policy.

Policy Statement: New Bern Civic Theatre (NBCT) has zero tolerance of child abuse. As an organization that serves children, our highest priority is child safety. It is the policy of NBCT to diligently empower and protect Youth by providing safe spaces for theatre education and experiences. We work every day to ensure our policies, procedures and practices embody the highest safety standards for the young people that we serve. We are committed to doing everything we can to create and strengthen a culture that protects and respects children, while embracing the joy and impact of theatre.

NBCT has adopted this policy for the safety and well-being of all who are a part of our theater community.  This policy primarily protects Youth; however, it also serves to protect Adults.  All parents and caregivers should understand that Adults involved with NBCT are to abide by this policy.  This policy only applies to NBCT activities.  Adults and Youth are strongly encouraged, however, to abide by this policy outside of NBCT activities.

This policy is communicated and applied to staff and all volunteers. It is also shared with parents of Youth involved with NBCT.  Questions about interpreting this policy should be directed to NBCT’s Executive Director. 

Policy Summary: The following areas are covered by this policy:


  1. Mandatory Background Checks

  2. Fraternization

  3. Appropriate Language and Communication

  4. Social Media and Electronic Communications; Cameras

  5. Child Abuse/Neglect – Mandatory Reporting

  6. Non-retaliation

  7. Appropriate Action 

  8. Scope; Exceptions; Executive Director Discretion


Definitions: For purposes of all areas of NBCT’s Adult/Youth Engagement Policy and any related policies, the following definitions apply: 


  •  Adult: any person 18 years of age or older who is an actor or other volunteer with NBCT. 

  • Youth: any person 17 years of age or younger, involved in NBCT programming who is a student actor or other volunteer. Individuals are considered a “Youth” at NBCT throughout a particular program or productions in which they are involved, even if they turn 18 during the course of the program or production in which they are involved, or are a high school student of any age.

  • Rule of 3: NBCT practices safe Adult to Youth ratios with a “Rule of 3”, meaning no Adult will be one-on-one with Youth on NBCT premises or during an NBCT event. 

1.    Mandatory Background Checks

Background checks, including criminal history and the National Sex Offender database checks, ordinarily will be performed on every Adult involved with an NBCT production or activity. These background checks may be conducted by a third-party service engaged by NBCT to ensure appropriate confidentiality. 

NBCT conducts rechecks for Adults from time to time. NBCT reserves the right to recheck any Adult at any time. 

2.    Fraternization

While an NBCT play is in production or another NBCT event is ongoing, NBCT prohibits Adult interactions with Youth outside of scheduled rehearsals, performances, classes or NBCT sanctioned professional activities.  This policy does not prohibit activities approved by parents of Youth, based on family relationships and friendships, which are not connected in any way with NBCT. 

Safe Ratios / Rule of 3: NBCT practices safe Adult to Youth ratios with a "Rule of 3," meaning no Adult will be one-on-one with Youth in connection with any NBCT activity.  Private staff interactions with Youth within the line of sight of another adult, including in a windowed office, do not violate the Rule of 3.

Specific guidelines with respect to fraternization include, without limitation:  

a.    Adults must comply with the Rule of 3 in connection with all NBCT activity. 

b.    Ordinarily, Adults other than parents or guardians ordinarily may not offer and/or give rides to Youth at any time, for any reason, in connection with NBCT activity. However, in certain limited circumstances where parent authorization is provided, an Adult may provide a ride to a Youth. This policy does not apply to transportation provided by family members or close friends approved by parents.   

c.    Adults may not host or accept invitations to "cast parties" or other parties related to NBCT productions hosted by a Youth or the Youth's family, unless the entire cast or class is invited and the Youth’s parent or guardian is present. 

d.    While an NBCT play is in production or another NBCT event is ongoing, Adults are prohibited from developing any sort of inappropriate relationship with a Youth who is in any way affiliated with NBCT or its programs. Inappropriate relationships include romantic relationships between Adults and Youth of inappropriate age differences, but are not limited to romantic relationships.   Any questions regarding this policy must be directed to NBCT's Executive Director. 

3.    Appropriate Language and Communication

Adults and Youth are expected to comport themselves with respectful behavior and to use age appropriate language at all times. Sharing of inappropriate language, images, materials and content is prohibited. 

4.    Social Media and Electronic Communications; Cameras

While an NBCT play is in production or another NBCT event is ongoing, Adults are not permitted to send email and/or text messages on any private-messaging application, or place phone calls, except for communication strictly relevant to the business of NBCT.    This policy does not prohibit communications approved by parents of Youth, based on family relationships and friendships, which are not connected in any way with NBCT.


The use of cameras of any kind in  situations where privacy is expected—for example, dressing rooms when people are changing clothes—is prohibited.  

5.    Child Abuse/Neglect – Mandatory Reporting

Consistent with North Carolina law, NBCT is committed to protect children whose health or welfare may be jeopardized through neglect or physical or sexual abuse. 

Under North Carolina law, “any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent” is required to make a report to the County department of social services where the child resides.  If the reporter is unsure about the appropriate governmental agency to which the report should be made, contact Craven County Child Protective Services at 252.636.4948. If the child is in immediate danger, call 911. In addition, the reporter should notify the Executive Director as soon as possible.

6.    Non-retaliation

NBCT strictly prohibits retaliation against any person of any form in response to reports made in good faith under this policy, including retaliation against the reporter, the Youth with respect to whom the report was made, or anyone involved in a related investigation. Cases of retaliation will be appropriately addressed.  If there are any questions or concerns about retaliation please contact the Executive Director.

7.    Appropriate Action

Interaction with Youth that violates NBCT policies will be addressed appropriately and reported to relevant authorities as required by law. 

8.    Scope; Exceptions; Executive Director Discretion

NBCT operates in a small town in which Youth and Adults form relationships outside of NBCT.  NBCT recognizes that it cannot govern Youth activities that do not relate to NBCT.

NBCT operates at a fast pace and with numerous volunteers.  From time to time the Executive Director may permit exceptions to the foregoing policies.  

The Executive Director may at any time implement additional procedures, either generally or for a particular production or event, to protect Youth or otherwise promote appropriate behavior.  The Executive Director has the absolute discretion to remove any person from involvement in an NBCT production at any time for any reason or no reason.  No person has any right to participate in an NBCT production or event.