Walk-in Bathtub Impr0v-A-Thon


March 13th

  • Showtimes: 4pm, 5pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm
  • $10 per show
  • Social distancing practiced, mask required, temperature taken
  • Rated R

Theatrical QUOTES

We are still #missinglivetheatre. We miss it so much; these quotes keep rolling through our heads. Can you identify the quotes from these characters and identify the play? 
Answers to NBCT Theatrical Quotes


1) Character: Eliza Doolittle

Play: My Fair Ladya


2) Character: Bonnie Parker

Play: Bonnie and Clyde

3) Character: Laverne

Play: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

4) Character: August Wilson

Play: Gem of the Ocean

5) Character: Mitsuo Aida

Play: Aida

6) Frank Abagnale Jr.

Play: Catch Me If You Can

YES! YES! YES! A resounding flurry of actors, directors, set designers, writers, producers, and patrons are missing live theatre. The void in our performing arts culture caused by the COIVD 19 pandemic is so crushing that many theatres around the globe have started a #missinglivetheatre campaign. Theatres in the UK and Ireland are wrapping pink ribbons around the exterior of their theatre buildings. The pink ribbons convey a message of hope – that live theatre is still there, busting at the seams ready to launch shows again.

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New Bern Civic Theatre produces live theater in New Bern, NC. Comedy, Drama and Musicials.

New Bern Civic Theatre

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New Bern Civic Theatre is a cornerstone of our community. Mentoring and providing a venue for my children and many others, exposing them to the arts in an all inclusive way. Not only are the productions a spectacular display of regional and local talent, but a legacy

of many years of hard work

and service of those who appreciate theatre. 

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