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Director's Calendar

This calendar is made up of multiple calendars that contain many different events ranging from performance, rehearsals, meetings, and other important events.

NBCT Auditions - Overall audition schedule for all upcoming NBCT productions - (Teal)
NBCT Board Meetings - Overall meeting schedule for the NBCT Board of Directors - (Lime Green)
NBCT Important Dates - Overall schedule of important dates and closures - (Yellow)
NBCT Meetings - Overall meeting schedule for all upcoming NBCT productions and events, as well as any meetings that occur at NBCT - (Green)
NBCT Other - Overall schedule of other NBCT events - (Purple)
NBCT Performances - Overall performance schedule for all NBCT production and events - (Red)
NBCT Rehearsals - Overall rehearsal schedule for all NBCT productions - (Blue)
NBCT Rentals - Overall rental calendar for use of NBCT facilities - (Orange)
New Bern Area Events - Events that take place within the New Bern area the NBCT may be a part of - (Magenta)

For more information on an event, please click on the name of the event.




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